Nerd Business, a blog about technology and business, reviewed our services on 30 Jun 2011. Excerpts from the review:

"The first thing that jumped out at me was the offshore servers. Neomailbox provides the option to host your email in Switzerland, rather than on US servers. That's one step in the right direction.

Neomailbox has a set of core secure features including encryption at multiple levels, support for hardware authentication, and a generally secure infrastructure as the backbone of it's email service.

In addition to their plethora of other security features, Neomailbox supports OpenPGP encryption. Another step in the right direction.

The super clean layout of the login screen is indicative of the overall theme for Neomailbox webmail. Simple, crisp, without ads or clutter.

Overall, the Neomailbox webmail truly is a viable alternative to Gmail. I highly recommend it."

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Power Privacy, a comprehensive resource on online privacy, tested our services and published a detailed review of Neomailbox on August 5th, 2006, according us a "Power Privacy Recommended" rating. Excerpts from their review:

"Neomailbox embraces a veritable alphabet soup of leading security standards, such as SSL, OpenPGP encryption [...] hardware token authentication and access via IMAP, POP and SMTP.

Another point of technical distinction is the fact Neomailbox's services all run on OpenBSD servers, recognized as the most secure operating system available. The company has used an all-OpenBSD server infrastructure since its launch in 2003, with backup servers in hot standby in the event of failures.

Emails to support are answered promptly and politely. We received polite, gentle guidance via email to help us around our own ham-handed configuration errors; the service also provides 24/7 emergency support through its web control panel for service or account issues that need immediate attention.

Service appears run by principled, committed privacy activists who know their IP technology.

Neomailbox is an important link in the chain of private personal computing. For the same reasons that you keep your credit card in your wallet or put envelopes around your letters, it's only prudent to protect your Internet communications. For those of us who enjoy the functionality and convenience of traditional mail clients, Neomailbox offers real features, performance and value."

A review at Strike The Root, the Internet's premier journal of liberty, compares various Anonymous / Secure E-Mail services in the August 10, 2005 edition of the column The Invisible Pirate, and has some nice things to say about Neomailbox:

"Neomailbox is the bargain of the bunch for onshore or offshore servers.

It offers everything: lots of storage, SSL, IMAP / POP / SMTP access, web mail, OpenPGP encryption (with a free plug-in), spam ID, antivirus, unlimited disposable aliases, hardware token authentication, and a 10% discount for paying with E-gold or GoldMoney.

In addition, the 1 GB offshore server package not only includes secure (SSL) anonymous surfing, it is also the least expensive package of the bunch, on a $/MB basis.

If you want it all, this deal is tough to beat."

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Customer Quotes

All the quotes below are real, unsolicited quotes from customers. We've replaced the names with fictitious initials to protect our customers' privacy.

"Thanks for providing such an excellent service!"  —  F.D.

"I really appreciate you guys being so responsive and helpful. Two thumbs up!!"  —  E.G.

"Thank you very much!! That is what I call Customer Service!!!"  —  C.K.

"This country I'm currently residing in is well-known for its snooping and high-censorship both in emails and web-surfing. That's why I'm using SSL email accounts to ensure privacy. It's also great to be able to surf some news websites using the anonymous web surfing feature. Thanks for the great service!"  —  R.L.P.

"I really like the service you guys offer."  —  L.G.

"I have about 200 members on my sites. And sometimes, i need to sen all of them an update. Because your mail server is so fast, :-), i can send all of them in a few minutes. I can't tell you how much i appreciate this. I think you guys offer a terrific service. I was especially impressed with your egold interface and how fast it was to be activated once i paid."  —  Y.N.

"I have no problem recommending you to anyone. I think even the average Joe who would prefer that his IP information not be attached to all his emails would benefit from your services."  —  R.G.

"Thanks Qiwi, you're quite nice to work with."  —  O.M.

"I really like your service. Especially, TLS . That's great."  —  N.T.

"I know this doesn't involve much income for you, so I appreciate the extra attention you've given me!"  —  R.J.

"Qiwi you're almost too good. Are you there just waiting on me to make your day?"  —  D.M.

"I've grown to rely on neomailbox because it is so secure."  —  W.S.

"You have a great e-mail service! Keep it up!"  —  L.D.

"The new WebMail is awesome. It solves my constant mobility access problems!"  —  M.W.

"You guys rock!"  —  H.S.

"Thank you for the wonderful customer service, Qiwi. You guys are the best."  —  T.M.

"Thank you for your efforts, excellent support!!"  —  S.A.

"You're the best. I've let all my friends know about your service..."  —  F.D.

"I must say I am very satisfied."  —  N.P.

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