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Do You Offer Tech Support?

We do offer a limited amount of tech support over email.

However, our services are quite straightforward to set up and use. There are detailed Install Guides for a variety of common email programs and web browsers, which provide complete directions to get going with our services. Answers to most questions that come up frequently are in the FAQ. Most customers are able to effectively use all our services with the information provided on the site.

The prices of our service packages are for the provision of the actual service only. Any tech support we provide is provided gratis as a courtesy on as-available basis, and we do not make any specific guarantees on response time for tech support requests. While we would love to be able to provide each customer with unlimited personal attention and support, this is not practically feasible. It would also detract from our primary mission to provide high-quality privacy services and to develop and implement new features and services to better protect our customers' privacy online.

To assist us in responding to your query as quickly as possible, please write to us only in English, and please ask only one question per message. If you have three questions, please send three separate messages, each with one question. Different questions may need to be answered by different people, and if you put them all together in one message, we cannot efficiently assign your questions to the people best suited to answer them.

Do you offer support over the phone?

We do not currently provide tech support over the phone. We can only correspond with customers via email at this time.