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Configuring Firefox on Windows (pre-Vista) for NeoTunnel Anonymous Surfing

To get started using the NeoTunnel tunneling proxy service to surf the web securely and anonymously on a Windows PC using the Mozilla Firefox browser, follow these steps:

First, download the NeoTunnel installer by clicking the link below:

Download NeoTunnel Installer for Windows

Save the file to the Desktop.

Install the NeoTunnel software:

  1. Double click on the InstallNeoTunnel icon on the Desktop. Click "OK" and "Run" on the warning boxes that may appear.

  2. In the Installer window, click "Install".

  3. After the installation is complete, on the next screen, click "Close".

  4. From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > NeoTunnel > Set to run on startup. Click "OK" on the message box that appears.

  5. From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > NeoTunnel > Start NeoTunnel. You may see a warning message from Windows Firewall - click "Unblock" on this.

The NeoTunnel support software is now installed and initialized, and the secure tunnel will be automatically restarted whenever you restart your computer.

Now configure Firefox to use the proxy as follows:

  1. Select Tools -> Options from the Firefox main menu.

  2. In the window which appears click on the "Advanced" icon, and then on the "Network" tab, and click the "Settings" button.

  3. Firefox's proxy settings dialog will appear. Enable "Manual proxy configuration" as well as "Use this proxy server for all protocols". In the "HTTP Proxy" field, type in "" (without the quotes), and in the "Port:" field type in "8080" (without quotes).

  4. If you would like to view some sites directly and not through the proxy, list them (separated by commas) in the "No proxy for:" field.

  5. Click the "OK" button, and click the "OK" button again in the Options window.

  6. Now all your web requests from Firefox will go through our SSL secured proxy and the results will be returned to you via the SSL secured channel.

    You will be asked to supply your Neomailbox username and control panel password when you begin browsing.

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