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How do I create disposable email addresses?

You don't need to create them. You can just use any address @yoursubdomain.neomailbox.net as a disposable email address. You will receive mail for any address of this form into your mailbox.

If you want to stop receiving mail for a certain address, you can just block this address through the Control Panel for your account. Once you block a subdomain address mail for that address will be rejected by our servers. You can also unblock a blocked address at any time by removing it from the blocked aliases list in the Control Panel.

How can I use a different From address when sending mail?

In the Neomailbox webmail system, you can set up multiple Identities under Preferences > Mail > Personal Information. When you add a new identity with a new email address, a confirmation message will be sent to that email address to confirm that you own that address and can receive mail there. Once you confirm the new email address it will be added to your list of identities and you will be able to select it as a From address when sending mail through the webmail system.

You can add any number of identities, and delete them as you like. Valid email addresses for identities include your subdomain alias addresses, your domain addresses (if your account is configured to use a custom domain) or even addresses you have at other email services.

Most email programs can also be set up so that you can select from among multiple identities for the "From:" header. Setting this up with Thunderbird is described in another question in this FAQ section. We're working on publishing more information about how to do this with other email programs.

How can I use disposable email addresses to send mail from Thunderbird?

You can add your disposable email addresses (or any email address) as a sender address for your account in Thunderbird, as described below:

From the Thunderbird main menu select Tools -> Account Settings.

Click on the account name for the account you want to add identities to. Then click the "Manage Identities..." button.

From there you can Add a new email address for that account. This address will then be available as a "From:" address when you compose a message in Thunderbird.


When I try to send a message I get "Authorization required." What's up?

You have not enabled SMTP authentication in your email program. Authentication is required to prevent the abuse of our SMTP servers by spammers. Enable SMTP authentication and provide your username and SMTP password to the email program, then you will be able to send mail through the SMTP server.

For more information on how to enable SMTP authentication on your mail program, have a look at our install guides.

Why did I get a message like: "Warning: message XYZ delayed X hours"?

This is a message delay notification, and it is sent by our servers to let you know when any of your messages are delayed for any reason. The mail body will contain the precise reason for the delay in delivering the message in question.

Our servers are set to send you message delay notifications quickly, so that you know about any delivery delays as soon as possible. Our servers will send you a message delay notification if any message you sent has been delayed for 60 minutes. Delivery attempts will continue automatically, and you're kept informed of any further delays with further delay notifications. If you don't receive a delay notification for any message within 1 hour, then you can be sure that the message was delivered.

Some mail servers use a method called "grey-listing" to cut spam, which involves temporarily rejecting an incoming message the first time a message is received from a previously unseen sending server, and accepting it on the next delivery attempt. This can cause messages to sometimes be delayed for 60 minutes or more, which will result in your receiving a message delay notification. But this is usually nothing to worry about, unless you get repeated delay notifications for the same message over a period of time.

Why am I seeing errors when I try to send email from my email program?

There could be a number of reasons for this:

  • Make sure you are using the correct ports and settings. You should be using port 465 for SMTP, with SSL enabled. The SSL type, if you can select it, should be "Alternate Port" rather than "STARTTLS".

  • You may be trying to log in to the wrong servers. If your account is on the (formerly) US servers, you won't be able to log in to the Swiss servers, and vice versa. The (formerly) US servers are at neomailbox.com while the Swiss servers are at neomailbox.net. Make sure you're using the correct server name in your mail program's configuration.

  • Your account may have expired. You would have received several renewal reminders before we would disable your account for non-payment. Contact us for more information if you think your account may have expired.

  • Your mail sending privileges may have been disabled for exceeding the default limits on outgoing mail. See the next question.

I can't send mail, though I can check my mail. What's going on?

If you can receive mail and log in to the Control Panel, but cannot send mail where you previously could with the same mail client configuration, your account may have been temporarily disabled for sending mail beyond the limits set for your account (see Account Limits). In the disabled mode, your mail will still be received, and you can still pick up your mail, but you can not send mail. Your account will be unable to authenticate to the SMTP server to send mail till your SMTP access is restored.

Contact support if you believe this to be the case, and we can re-activate your SMTP access if necessary.

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