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Is mail stored encrypted on the servers?

Yes, all email messages are stored on encrypted disks on the servers. Thus, even if physical security to the servers was to be compromised, the attackers would not be able to get at any of the data on the disks as it is all encrypted, with the keys stored offline.

We also provide the ability to auto-encrypt incoming messages with your PGP public key, which ensures that only you can decrypt the messages saved in your mailbox on the servers. However, for most purposes this is overkill, as the messages are already stored on encrypted volumes on the servers.

How does Neomailbox secure my email?

Neomailbox allows you to send and receive messages from your favourite email program over a secure link to our server.

It's important to note that your email is protected from eavesdropping only while in transit between your email program and our servers. If the message originated from or is sent to an address outside Neomailbox, then it may pass through the Internet in clear text.

Messages sent to another Neomailbox user never pass through the Internet in the clear.

If you would like to make sure that your messages to people using other email services are completely secure in transit, you might want to have a look at the PGP or GnuPG programs, which encrypt the text of your message before you send it.

Why do I need SSL encryption?

SSL transport protects message headers (From, To, Subject fields) and bodies from interception on the way to and from the mail server.

This part of the route is most critical for email privacy since this is when local authorities like your company, your ISP, or local government agencies can monitor or even modify your mail without your knowledge.

Even if you use PGP or a similar program to encrypt your messages, these programs usually leave email headers (also known as "metadata") in the clear, and often mail headers and metadata can provide a lot of information about who you're communicating with and the subject of your messages.

What is secure and anonymous SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Email programs like Outlook and Eudora (also known as MUAs - Mail User Agents) use this protocol to communicate with MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) to send email messages.

Neomailbox uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect messages on their way from your email program to the mail server, assuring that your messages can't be read on the way from your mail reader program to the neomailbox servers.

Further, our SMTP servers are configured to strip out your real IP address before sending your messages out. Thus, recipients of your messages don't see your real IP address. Your real IP address can reveal a lot of information about you and also provide attackers with a way to target your computer, so hiding your IP address in outgoing mail is a very important privacy consideration when sending mail.

What is SSL encrypted POP3 / IMAP?

POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3) and IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) are standard protocols used by mail reader software to retrieve email messages from a mail server. Our servers use SSL encryption to secure email messages while in transit, so your incoming messages can't be intercepted or tampered with on the way from the Neomailbox server to your mail reader program.

How do you ensure email anonymity?

We accept and prefer payment through digital gold-backed currencies, which provide you a much higher level of privacy protection than credit card payments. For even higher anonymity when signing up, we can also accept payments by Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Order, and even cash sent by snail mail (at your own risk).

Our servers strip your IP address from outgoing email message headers so that recipients of your messages can't see your real IP address, providing another layer of privacy.

Every Neomailbox account includes an unlimited number of email addresses at its own unique subdomain. This provides another mechanism to safeguard your privacy as you can use different email addresses for different purposes and don't need to reveal your main email address to people you correspond with.

Why is hiding the sender's IP address so important?

Your IP address can be used to used by malicious crackers and criminals to attack your PC, by surveillance agencies to spy on your online activities, and by advertising firms to track where you go online. Your IP address can be used to pinpoint your geographical location with reasonable accuracy, often right down to your exact street address.

Your IP address uniquely identifies your computer or network on the Internet and so it is a very powerful and private piece of information and shouldn't be broadcast every time you send an email or visit a website, if you value your privacy.

Is my IP address hidden when sending email through your mail server

Yes, your real IP address is stripped out and will be not shown in the message headers when you send mail through Neomailbox's SMTP servers.

Do you keep logs?

We keep no logs or customer data other than what is absolutely necessary for performance tuning and security monitoring of our servers. Your IP address is not saved in our logs. All logs are deleted every 7 days.

What if I use PGP or S/MIME for email encryption?

Neomailbox and PGP or S/MIME encryption in combination provide a good solution for complete email privacy.

Even if you encrypt email messages with PGP or S/MIME the message headers (also known as "metadata") still remain in the clear. Email header fields disclose your identity and may contain confidential information. As Neomailbox encrypts all connections between your computer and our servers, using Neomailbox to send and receive mail improves your privacy even if you already use PGP or S/MIME, as it protects the metadata and email headers as well.

Is it possible to access email without an SSL connection?

You can access the POP3 and SMTP servers without SSL encryption. On special request we can also enable non-SSL IMAP access. To make it difficult to inadvertently use the POP3 server in non-SSL mode, the non-SSL server is on a non-standard port, port 112.

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