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Do you offer support over the telephone?

We do not currently provide support or sales information over the phone. We can only correspond with customers via email at this time.

If you would like support or sales information, please contact us by email or via the contact us page.

What is Emergency Support? How soon can I expect a response?

We do monitor support requests 24/7 and if you are an existing customer you can add the word "Emergency" in the Subject line of your support request to report critical server or service issues. Messages tagged like this will be escalated for immediate attention by our tech staff 24/7.

If you just set up an account and need help getting your email program or browser configured to use the new account, please do not tag your message as an emergency issue. The emergency support option is for service-wide issues only, as it could potentially wake up our top engineers in the middle of the night in their time zones. Only if you believe that there is a critical service-wide issue, such as any of the services (SMTP, IMAP, Web Site) not responding, should you use the "Emergency" tag in your message Subject line.

Emergency support requests are handled immediately, if they are indeed valid emergency requests, but you will only receive a response during our regular office hours.