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Spam Identification and Tagging

In addition to the spam protection provided by the use of disposable email address, Neomailbox also provides a second level of defense against unsolicited commercial email (UCE) in your mailbox, via Vipul's Razor, the award-winning collaborative spam-detection system.

Vipul Ved Prakash, the author of Razor, is a member of our board of advisors and works closely with us, but that's not the only reason we use Razor. Razor also happens to be the least intrusive and most effective anti-spam system available today.

Unlike the case with blocking disposable email addresses, where messages sent to addresses you have blocked are simply rejected, Razor only inserts headers into messages that mark suspected spam or virus mail.

You can then use these headers to filter messages into a Junk folder using your email program.

How does it work?

Vipul's Razor is an award-winning spam identification system that takes a peer-to-peer approach to the spam problem.

Razor was created by Vipul Ved Prakash, a member of the Neomailbox advisory board, who was named one of the world's "Top 100 Innovators" by MIT Tech Review in 2003.

Razor works like this:

  1. Razor users all over the world report "spam signatures" of unsolicited commercial email to a Razor server when they receive junk mail.
  2. The Razor server keeps track of spam signatures based on reported spam.
  3. Incoming mail is checked against known spam signatures on the Razor server as it arrives.

The privacy of your mail is not compromised in any way during this process, since only a "hash signature" calculated from your message is sent to the spam identification servers. This signature doesn't contain any of the text of the message.

How do I use it?

If a message is known to the Razor server as spam, the following header will be added to the message headers:

X-Razor-Spam: SPAM

You can set up your email program to file messages that contain this header into a "Junk" mailbox.

Stay secure

All Neomailbox accounts also include unlimited disposable email addresses at your own unique subdomain - another powerful tool to keep junk mail out of your inbox.

Our secure email accounts protect your privacy and security in many more ways too.

We provide full SSL session encryption for email and web mail access, so you can read and send email without exposing yourself to privacy threats such as hackers and identity thieves, or nosy employers, neighbours and government agencies.

For added security we offer the option of two factor authentication with a hardware token which eliminates the threat of having your account access details stolen by malicious programs that may be infecting a computer you use to access your account.

And that's not all. With our Offshore Privacy Combo you also receive access to two separate state-of-the-art anonymous surfing proxies which secure and anonymize your web surfing.

We're so sure you'll love the service that we offer a watertight, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely happy with your account for any reason.

So try Neomailbox risk-free - sign up now.

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