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Server Infrastructure Built for Security

Secure and reliable servers are of-course the critical backbone of a secure email service.

Our server infrastructure features multiple redundant Internet connections, multiple sources of backup power, multiple firewalls, and multiple email servers.

We've completely eliminated single points of failure in our infrastructure through the use of failover technology built on OpenBSD's CARP protocol.

OpenBSD - Proactive Security

We use the ultra-secure OpenBSD operating system throughout our system.

OpenBSD is universally acknowledged to be the most secure operating system available today, miles ahead of Windows, Linux and other operating systems with its security features, making it the clear choice for any high-security application.

All the core code in the OpenBSD operating system is actively audited for security bugs. This explains its long-standing reputation for security.

We're really serious about your security and privacy, so OpenBSD is what we use, on all our servers and firewalls.

Here are some excerpts from the OpenBSD website about the security focus of the project:

  • Goal

    OpenBSD believes in strong security. Our aspiration is to be NUMBER ONE in the industry for security (if we are not already there).

    Our open software development model permits us to take a more uncompromising view towards increased security than Sun, SGI, IBM, HP, or other vendors are able to.

    We can make changes the vendors would not make. Also, since OpenBSD is exported with cryptography, we are able to take cryptographic approaches towards fixing security problems.

  • Full Disclosure

    Like many readers of the BUGTRAQ mailing list, we believe in full disclosure of security problems. In the operating system arena, we were probably the first to embrace the concept. Many vendors, even of free software, still try to hide issues from their users.

    Security information moves very fast in cracker circles. On the other hand, our experience is that coding and releasing of proper security fixes typically requires about an hour of work -- very fast fix turnaround is possible. Thus we think that full disclosure helps the people who really care about security.

  • Audit Process

    Our security auditing team typically has between six and twelve members who continue to search for and fix new security holes. We have been auditing since the summer of 1996.

    The process we follow to increase security is simply a comprehensive file-by-file analysis of every critical software component.

    Entire new classes of security problems have been found during our audit, and often source code which had been audited earlier needs re-auditing with these new flaws in mind.

    Code often gets audited multiple times, and by multiple people with different auditing skills.

    Some members of our security auditing team worked for Secure Networks, the company that made the industry's premier network security scanning software package Ballista.

    Another facet of our security auditing process is its proactiveness. In most cases we have found that the determination of exploitability is not an issue.

    During our ongoing auditing process we find many bugs, and endeavor to fix them even though exploitability is not proven. We fix the bug, and we move on to find other bugs to fix.

    We have fixed many simple and obvious careless programming errors in code and only months later discovered that the problems were in fact exploitable.

    (Or, more likely someone on BUGTRAQ would report that other operating systems were vulnerable to a `newly discovered problem', and then it would be discovered that OpenBSD had been fixed in a previous release).

  • The Reward

    Our proactive auditing process has really paid off. Statements like "This problem was fixed in OpenBSD about 6 months ago" have become commonplace in security forums like BUGTRAQ.

Stay secure.

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