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Secure E-Mail at Your Own Domain

You can receive mail for addresses at your own domain name to your secure Neomailbox account(s).

We charge a one-time setup fee of $15 for custom domain mail hosting. This is in addition to the cost of whichever account(s) you subscribe to. As this is a one-time setup fee, it is not refundable under our 30-day money back guarantee.

You will need access to your domain's DNS records in order to set our servers as the mail servers for your domain. Once your domain is set up on our mail servers, we'll email you the details on how to set the MX records in your domain's DNS settings.

If you have multiple Neomailbox email accounts, you can assign different addresses @yourdomain to the different accounts.

To add custom domain email hosting service to your order, click here. If you need to order more than one custom domain mail setup, just change the quantity in the shopping cart to the number that you'd like to order.

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