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Digital Gold Currencies

Digital Gold Currencies, or DGCs, are private currencies designed for the Internet. They are usually 100% backed by gold or other precious metals.

These systems enable instant, global payments transactions, while protecting your privacy to an unprecedented degree.

You can sign up for the DGCs we accept through the following links:

Sign up for a Pecunix account (We prefer and recomend Pecunix)

Sign up for a Liberty Reserve account

Signing up for either of the above takes only a few minutes.

Next you need to deposit funds in your DGC account. This can be done in a variety of ways, including by cash deposits in banks, wire transfers, bank checks, money orders, Western Union, PayPal and credit card.

You will need to use the services of a digital gold exchange provider to fund your DGC account. One provider we have done business with and can recommend is:


Once your funds have been deposited in your DGC account, you can order a Neomailbox account using the DGC of your choice.

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