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E-Mail IP Address Anonymity

Are your email headers revealing too much personal information?

When you send an email message through most email services, the message will contain headers that provide the recipient a wealth of personal information about you.

The information revealed in email headers includes what operating system and email program you use, which Internet service provider you connect through, the exact Internet (IP) address of your computer, and even your precise geographical location.

This information can be abused in many different ways, by identity thieves, scam artists and other criminals who could use it to gain access to your computer and your personal data.

We believe that it is your right to control your personal information, so we don't add privacy-violating headers to messages sent out through the Neomailbox servers.

Instead, we remove email headers that may reveal personal information about you. Your computer's IP address is not revealed in the headers of emails you send out through Neomailbox.

Anonymous authentication

The EPIC / Privacy International survey of Privacy & Human Rights (2003) notes that:

the most important points to understand are that authentication is not equivalent to identification nor does authentication require identification in most cases.

In the best-case scenario, authentication is anonymous. For example, authenticating a transaction by the use of cash does not disclose the user's personally identifiable information.

You can purchase a Neomailbox account using Bitcoin. This form of payment, unlike credit cards, does not require you to disclose any personal information. We're also happy to accept payment through cash sent via snail mail, or Western Union or bank wire transfer. Contact us for more details.

So if you're serious about your privacy, you can buy an email account from us without being forced to give us your name, telephone number and home address.

Stay secure

Our secure email accounts protect your privacy and security in many more ways too.

We provide full SSL session encryption for email and web mail access, so you can read and send email without exposing yourself to privacy threats such as hackers and identity thieves, or nosy employers, neighbors, marketers and government agencies.

For added privacy, with our Offshore Privacy Combo you also receive access to our anonymous surfing service which secures and anonymizes your web surfing.

We're so sure you'll love our service that we offer a watertight, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely happy with your account for any reason.

So try Neomailbox risk-free - sign up now.

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