US Accounts Moving

~ 3 min read

We have been increasingly concerned about the alarming erosion of online privacy rights in the USA over the past decade that we’ve offered Secure Email services hosted in the USA.

To offer our customers an alternative to hosting their email in the USA, in 2004 we began offering Offshore Secure Email service hosted in The Netherlands, and in 2010 we moved all Offshore Secure Email accounts to servers hosted in Switzerland, which affords some of the strongest legal privacy protections for customer email messages stored on our servers.

As the conditions for online privacy continue to deteriorate in the USA, we believe the time has come to completely eliminate our customers’ exposure to the US’s privacy-hostile environment. So effective as of 12AM UTC on 2nd March 2013, all US hosted Neomailbox email accounts will be moved to servers in Switzerland. No customer email data will be preserved on any servers located in the USA.

We have been preparing for this move for many weeks and have implemented it in phases so as to not require any changes at all to email client configurations or the way customers access their accounts. So if you have a US hosted Neomailbox account, you don’t need to make any changes to how you access your email.

In particular, this means that customers with previously US-hosted accounts will continue to access the (not site and use the mail servers. In the future we do plan to combine the user databases and integrate the (formerly) US based and the Swiss based sites. However for now the two separate sites continue as before, with the only difference that now they are both hosted in Switzerland.

Customers on the US-hosted plans will still be able to renew their plans at the original package prices for now. We will announce a switchover date soon, beyond which it will no longer be possible to renew at the old US package prices and the distinction between the previously US hosted and Swiss hosted accounts will end.

This marks the end of an era for us after a decade of offering email services hosted in the USA. It also marks the start of a new and exciting phase for Neomailbox as we continue to work on adding new features, with lots of exciting developments planned for this year!

If you have any questions or concerns about the move of US hosted accounts to Switzerland, please feel free to contact us.