New Swiss Servers

~ 2 min read

We’re now offering Anonymous Surfing packages hosted on new servers in Switzerland. These packages offer much higher bandwidth limits than our current plans, as well as a lower cost per GB for additional bandwidth usage.

In addition, Switzerland is outside the EU and is not subject to the EU directive on data-retention. Comprehensive privacy legislation makes Switzerland one of the most privacy oriented jurisdictions in the world.

You can sign up for any of the new Swiss hosted NeoTunnel packages by clicking on the relevant package link below:

NeoTunnel Swiss Basic - 5GB per month. $49.95 per year. NeoTunnel Swiss Silver - 10GB per month. $74.95 per year. NeoTunnel Swiss Gold - 15GB per month. $99.95 per year. NeoTunnel Swiss Platinum - 25GB per month. $149.95 per year.

The cost for extra bandwidth units with any of the Swiss NeoTunnel accounts is $2 per GB.

The new packages are not yet integrated with our automated account setup systems, so you will not get instant access to your new account, but we will get it set up for you as soon as we can once we receive your order. For fastest setup, please send us a mail with your order number and desired username (minimum 5 characters) once you’ve placed your order.

You can also upgrade your current Netherlands-hosted Anonymous Surfing or Offshore Secure Email package to use the Swiss NeoTunnel service. Of-course you will receive full credit for unused time left on your current subscription. If your current plan includes email service this will not be affected by upgrading your anonymous surfing to one of the Swiss-hosted packages.

To upgrade your current subscription, please contact us.