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All our customers with addresses can, from immediate effect, also use equivalent addresses and (where ‘your_subdomain’ would be replaced with your actual subdomain prefix).

We strongly encourage customers to switch to using addresses rather than or addresses. Customers are also encouraged to update their email addresses with sites where they have email addresses saved, e.g. for password recovery purposes.

The and addresses will also continue to work as normal.

The reason we recommend switching to addresses is that the “.net” domain space is controlled by Verisign, which is a US company, whereas the “.ch” domain space is administered by SWITCH Information Technology Services, a Swiss company, and is subject to Swiss laws, not US ones.

While we consider it an extremely unlikely occurrence, it would be entirely possible for the domain to be seized or redirected at the behest of the authorities in the USA. Doing the same with the domain, on the other hand, would require legal proceedings in Switzerland within the framework of the Swiss legal system, which is not only far more respectful of individual privacy, but also, very significantly, doesn’t include secret laws and secret courts hidden from public scrutiny.

NOTE: This does not require any changes to email client configurations.

The mail server addresses for the Incoming and Outgoing servers in email clients should remain for now, as before. Neomailbox Offshore Secure Email and Offshore Privacy Combo accounts will now simply receive mail for addresses in addition to the existing and addresses.