Encrypt To Anyone Service

~ 2 min read

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of our Encrypt To Anyone service for beta testing. Encrypt To Anyone enables you to easily send end-to-end encrypted emails to anyone anywhere, even if they don’t use PGP or any other encryption system and have no experience with encryption.

When you send a message using the Encrypt To Anyone service, your message will be converted to an encrypted PDF file using a passphrase that you provide, and the encrypted PDF will be sent on to the recipient. You can communicate the passphrase to the recipient using an alternate communications channel such as text message or a phone call. By typing in the passphrase in their PDF viewer, the recipient will be able to decrypt and read the message in the PDF file.

There’s no reason to compromise on privacy when people you want to communicate with aren’t using PGP or equivalent email encryption systems. Use Encrypt To Anyone to send them encrypted messages that they can easily read without any special software, messing around with keys, or visiting any website.

Best of all, you can easily send Encrypt To Anyone messages from any email program - PC, mobile, or webmail - without any special software or plugins. For more details, see the page about Encrypt To Anyone.