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Privacy Policy

We are a privacy service provider, and we respect and protect your privacy. We take every possible precaution to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential.

Your Personal Information

We do not request or require any identifiable personal information when you create an account.

Account purchases made with credit cards of-course do require you to reveal personal information to validate the purchase, and this information is stored on our systems as well as those of our authorized retailer, 2CheckOut, Inc, subject to 2CheckOut's own privacy policy.

However, we also offer the option of payment in digital gold currencies for increased customer privacy - so you don't have to reveal any personal details when paying for a Neomailbox account.

We do not sell or otherwise pass on any information about our users to any third party.

Use of Web Cookies

We use 'cookies' (little tags of data stored in your web browser) to store session information when you log in to your account's Control Panel or the secure webmail system, and within the shopping cart.

We do not use these cookies to track your activity on other websites, and the cookies are deleted from your computer when you log out of Neomailbox Webmail or the Neomailbox Control Panel.


We maintain logs of your email traffic for 7 days for performance analysis and abuse prevention. Your IP address is anonymized before any information is saved to the logs. Anonymous surfing logs are deleted every 10 minutes.


The abuse of our mail servers or of the service for the purpose of sending unsolicited junk mail, or for any fraudulent or criminal activity, will invalidate all privacy guarantees for the account(s) concerned.

Secure Email

Secure EmailFast, secure, reliable email service with IP anonymity, spam and virus protection, unlimited disposable addresses, and more...

Anonymous Surfing

Anonymous SurfingProtect yourself from online surveillance, identity theft and wireless attacks. Bypass censorship. Surf with SSL security and IP anonymity.