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Ashish Gulhati
Founder & Chief Developer

Ashish has been developing software for online services since 1990, and is the Chief Developer of Cryptonite, an early version of which powered the world's first OpenPGP compatible webmail service. He is the author of a number of open-source Perl-language modules, including PerlVision, Crypt::GPG, Crypt::PGP5, Crypt::Schnorr::AuthSign, and Persistence::Object::Postgres, which are available from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Ashish's software has been licensed by companies worldwide, including Secure Computing Corp., GoAmerica Inc., The American Reporter, and the Laissez Faire City International Trust.


Stefan Metzeler

Stefan is the author of Amadeus-3, an advanced rapid application development framework for Oberon-2, and of several successful commercial software applications ranging from banking CRM to laser topography and ballistics testing.

Stefan has over 25 years of experience developing mission-critical software. His customers include IBM, Hewlett Packard, Du Pont de Nemours, private banks, and the Swiss Army.


Barkha Maakker

Barkha has worked with print and broadcast media since 1994, with companies including Radio One, Media Workshop, and Spectrum Magazines. She was one of the first radio jockies in India, broadcasting on the country's first private FM channel.

Barkha was Head of Customer Relations at Neomailbox for many years. Her wit, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction helped ensure that customers always receive prompt, friendly and informed answers to their questions.


Vipul Ved Prakash

Vipul is best known for having created Vipul's Razor, the innovative peer-to-peer anti-spam technology at the heart of the award-winning SpamNet anti-spam solution from Cloudmark. He was selected by MIT Tech Review as one of the 100 Top Innovators of 2003, for his work on Razor.

Vipul's involvement with the Internet and open-source software is also long-standing. He co-created Sense/NET, an innovative censorship resistant "meta-ISP", along with Ashish, and is the author of several open-source Perl modules, including Crypt::RSA, Crypt::Primes, Crypt::Random, Tie::EncryptedHash, and Persistence::Object::Simple.

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