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DDoS Attack

Neomailbox today received a message from a group calling themselves Armada Collective, threatening to launch a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against our website and services unless we paid a ransom to them by Bitcoin. The same group has recently attacked other privacy oriented email services and other services in Switzerland.

A short time later a DDoS attack forced us to temporarily take the website offline. Thanks to the hard work of our tech staff, core email services continued to be available throughout the attacks, although webmail access and access to the website was disrupted.

We will absolutely NOT negotiate with criminals and are working to restore full services as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of this attack, and thank you for your understanding and support.

Update (07 Nov): All services are back to normal now.

Important Security Notice

The recently revealed OpenSSL "Heartbleed" vulnerability that affected a large number of websites also affected Neomailbox. Upon learning about the vulnerability we immediately updated the OpenSSL libraries on our servers, and have now also completed generating and installing new OpenSSL keys and certificates across all our services.

All Neomailbox servers are now free of the Heartbleed vulnerability and are no longer using any potentially compromised OpenSSL keys.

All customers are advised to change all their Neomailbox passwords immediately to ensure they are not using passwords that may have been revealed as a result of this vulnerability.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

We are now accepting orders via Bitcoin. You can select the Bitcoin option at checkout to place your order using Bitcoin. Note that Bitcoin orders aren't currently processed automatically, so please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it after you've completed your Bitcoin transaction and we'll get your account set up. More details in the notes about Bitcoin orders on the checkout page.

neomailbox.ch Addresses

All our customers with @neomailbox.net addresses can, from immediate effect, also use equivalent addresses @neomailbox.ch and @your_subdomain.neomailbox.ch (where 'your_subdomain' would be replaced with your actual subdomain prefix). We strongly encourage customers to switch to using neomailbox.ch addresses rather than neomailbox.net or neomailbox.nl addresses. Customers are also encouraged to update their email addresses with sites where they have email addresses saved, e.g. for password recovery purposes.

The neomailbox.net and neomailbox.nl addresses will continue to work as normal. The reason we recommend switching to neomailbox.ch addresses is that the ".net" domain space is controlled by Verisign, which is a US company, whereas the ".ch" domain space is administered by SWITCH Information Technology Services, a Swiss company, and is subject to Swiss laws, not US ones.

While we consider it an extremely unlikely occurrence, it would be entirely possible for the neomailbox.net domain to be seized or redirected at the behest of the authorities in the USA. Doing the same with the neomailbox.ch domain, on the other hand, would require legal proceedings in Switzerland within the framework of the Swiss legal system, which is not only far more respectful of individual privacy, but also, very significantly, doesn't include secret laws and secret courts hidden from public scrutiny.

NOTE: This does not require any changes to email client configurations. The mail server addresses for the Incoming and Outgoing servers in email clients should remain neomailbox.net for now, as before. Neomailbox Offshore Secure Email and Offshore Privacy Combo accounts will now simply receive mail for neomailbox.ch addresses in addition to the existing neomailbox.net and neomailbox.nl addresses.

US Accounts Moving

We have been increasingly concerned about the alarming erosion of online privacy rights in the USA over the past decade that we've offered Secure Email services hosted in the USA.

To offer our customers an alternative to hosting their email in the USA, in 2004 we began offering Offshore Secure Email service hosted in The Netherlands, and in 2010 we moved all Offshore Secure Email accounts to servers hosted in Switzerland, which affords some of the strongest legal privacy protections for customer email messages stored on our servers.

As the conditions for online privacy continue to deteriorate in the USA, we believe the time has come to completely eliminate our customers' exposure to the US's privacy-hostile environment. So effective as of 12AM UTC on 2nd March 2013, all US hosted Neomailbox email accounts will be moved to servers in Switzerland. No customer email data will be preserved on any servers located in the USA.

We have been preparing for this move for many weeks and have implemented it in phases so as to not require any changes at all to email client configurations or the way customers access their accounts. So if you have a US hosted Neomailbox account, you don't need to make any changes to how you access your email.

In particular, this means that customers with previously US-hosted accounts will continue to access the neomailbox.com (not neomailbox.net) site and use the neomailbox.com mail servers. In the future we do plan to combine the user databases and integrate the (formerly) US based neomailbox.com and the Swiss based neomailbox.net sites. However for now the two separate sites continue as before, with the only difference that now they are both hosted in Switzerland.

Customers on the US-hosted plans will still be able to renew their plans at the original package prices for now. We will announce a switchover date soon, beyond which it will no longer be possible to renew at the old US package prices and the distinction between the previously US hosted and Swiss hosted accounts will end.

This marks the end of an era for us after a decade of offering email services hosted in the USA. It also marks the start of a new and exciting phase for Neomailbox as we continue to work on adding new features, with lots of exciting developments planned for this year!

If you have any questions or concerns about the move of US hosted accounts to Switzerland, please feel free to contact us.


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