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Neomailbox is a service of Trancecrypt, Inc. (Seychelles) and is marketed by Amadeus IT Solutions (Switzerland).

The Neomailbox service has been in continuous operation since July 2003. Members of our team have been developing software and services for customers (including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Du Pont de Nemours, private banks, the Swiss Army, and Secure Computing Corporation, among others) since 1985.

We're a small, profitable company of techies who've been developing online services since before the advent of the Web. We're not dependent on VCs or any external source of funding. We think this has several important benefits:

  • We have zero bureaucracy and low overheads, so we're able to dedicate more of our resources to improving the service and adding new features.

  • We make extensive use of the Internet to communicate with team members spread across the world, so we understand first-hand the needs of today's Internet-enabled businesses.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in the software and network services fields - building, marketing and maintaining reliable, high-quality software and network infrastructure.

  • We have a straightforward business model and we generate profits, so we can afford to build and maintain our network infrastructure to the highest standards.

  • We have a passion for secure, flexible Internet-based messaging, which translates directly and continuously to new features and more power for your communications.

We are committed to the use and development of Free / Open Source Software (FOSS). We believe that an essential requirement for secure software is the freedom to examine source code and fix vulnerabilities and that only Free / Open Source Software meets this requirement.

All major components of the Neomailbox service have always been based on Free / Open Source Software. Members of our team have published a number of cryptography modules as Free / Open Source Software and we will continue to do so with as much of our code as possible in the future.

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Amadeus IT Solutions
Rue du Centre 132
1025 St-Sulpice VD

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